Dynamo – Series 4 launch

12 Aug 2014 – Permalink Share

Had an awesome time at the Dynamo launch party last night. We received some great feedback on the press packs we designed too! Magic.


New security classification posters for the Cabinet Office

23 Oct 2013 – Permalink Share

Here’s one of a series of posters we designed to help explain the new, simpler system of security classification to everyone who works in Government.

Our new packaging for Fortnum & Mason is out now.

2 Aug 2013 – Permalink Share

Get the party started! Red Stone's labels for Fortnum & Mason's extensive range of olives is on the shelves and ready for you to enjoy. Our approach for this range of classic cocktail appetisers was to create a menagerie of masked 'party animals' – with a nod to the Masquerade Balls that first came to London as Fortnum's was first established in nearby Piccadilly.

Check them out in store. If you're lucky, you may get a free tasting.