Merry Christmas from Red Stone

19 Dec 2012 – Permalink Share

This Christmas is the 9th year Red Stone has commissioned promising artists and artisans to create small seasonal gifts. Here’s the back catalogue. For our Christmas gift this year, we hooked up with Portland Pride to produce some festive tea towels for clients and friends. If you received them, it’s your turn to do the drying.

Merry Christmas!


We are the Champions!

23 Nov 2012 – Permalink Share

Woop woop! After a close run competition and a nail biting tie-breaker finish, Red Stone won the Graphic Design Pub Quiz 2012.

We'd like to shout a big thanks to James aka @Gradiate and Build for organising and putting on a great night, and like the Eurovision Song Contest, we look forward to hosting next year's event ourselves. So if you want to take us on – get swotting.

To get an idea of what you're up against, this year's questions are available here.

(We got 43/50).

Three great slices of summer!

28 Sep 2012 – Permalink Share

Our new packaging for the London Honey Company's range of honeycombs has just arrived and is already getting packed up and ready for sale.

Cut straight from the hive, this is a delicious treat – honey in its most natural state.
Catch it while you can –